Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sail Boat

Which Vegetable would you never want in Your Boat?
leek  :-)

Sailboats provide a means of skimming over its surface. Even when the water is frozen, iceboats (sailboats with runners or blades on the hull) can glide across the ice. The sailboat is a form of transportation, a type of recreation ranging from simple craft to the most elaborate racing yacht, and even a form of housing.

Lets draw sail boat

  • Start by writing a flat C.
  • Write an I at each end of C leaning towards the center of C. Oops I drew two of them, my bad.

  • Now we write two very flat C one behind other.
  • Join tips of both C with bent I.
  • Now we write small T, that is I of T extended a little bit.

  • Write V for flag.
  • Write a lot of U together for water.
  • Color and set sail.
By the way did you know:
In a crowded lake it may be dangerous swerving at high speeds to avoid hitting a fish.:-)

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