Sunday, April 29, 2012


What's big, gray, has two wheels, and goes "ding-ding"?
An elephant on a new bike :-).

Americans use their bicycles for less than one percent of all urban trips. Europeans bike in cities a lot more often—in Italy 5 percent of all trips are on bicycle, 30 percent in the Netherlands, and seven out of eight Dutch people over age 15 have a bike.
I guess we should use our bikes more.

Lets draw a bike.

  • Start by writing two big Os. Put a dot in their middle.
  • Write a V in between the two Os. Make the right arm a little longer.
  • Write another V with its end tip at the left wheel and top tips joining big V.

  • Write a small O as shown to make axle of the paddle. Join the tip of big V and the dot of front wheel with a long I.
  • Make paddle by writing L.
  • Write a horizontal I to divide big V into two. 

  • Make seat with a thick small I. Finish wheels by writing a lot of Is.
  • The handle of this bike can be made by writing a very flat U, you can also think of it as a bent I.
  • Basket is optional. It can be made by writing the number 7.

Bike is ready!! I hope our young friends Raj and Yash will have lots of fun with their bike this weekend!!

Why did the lion chase the cyclist?
He heard that bikes are good for your health. :-)


  1. Yes, Yash and Raj both loved this bike!

  2. Yes, Rasheed and Baljeit both loved this bike!

  3. this is a very usefull way to draw a bike thanks.



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