Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Butterflies are among the most colorful and beautiful insects. They flutter from flower to flower, sometimes pausing to eat nectar or rest their wings. As they span out, their colors are on display for everyone to see. Butterflies are beautiful.

By the way , did you know why Johnny threw butter out of his window?
Because he wanted to see the butter fly.
Time to draw another butterfly. The real one though :-). It is very similar to the first one. Only the wings are different.

  • Write a long narrow U.
  • Write an o for the head.
  • Mark the upper side of U with three equally spaced dots.

  • Join the first two dots with upside down U. That makes the first wing.
  • From the middle of first wring write another upside down U touching the third dot.

  • For the antennas, this time we write two small Os and join them with tilted Is.
  • Write Us inside each wing again.
  • Color, and the butterfly is ready. I have drawn two here as we all need friends to play with.
I hope Johnny now knows what a butterfly is :-). 

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