Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Why did the butterfly not go to dance?
Because it was a Moth Ball :-).
Never mind we will make our own little butterflies dance.They are one of the most delicate and most beautiful creations. The Science Museum of San Francisco has a beautiful collection of butterflies. You can stay there for hours together. 

  • Start with a long narrow U.
  • Write a small o for the head.
  • Mark three equally spaced dots on upper side of U.

  • Write M,  with the ends of M touching the first two dots in U. You can also think of it as a 3 with its ends pulled to join the first two dots of U.
  • Write another slanted U for the second wing.
  • Join its ends to the second and third dot in U.
  • Write two more Us inside each wing. Put a dot for eye.

  • Antennas are two 9s.
Fly little butterflies, fly!! The butterflies are ready to dance . I have drawn two together. After all we all need a dancing partner :-). 

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