Friday, March 4, 2011


What kind of fish can a balloon artist make? 
A blowfish.

Blowfish is prickly, often poisonous fish that are capable of puffing up by swallowing water or air. They are also called  swellfish. We saw them in the movie, Nemo, and then admired the live ones at Monterey Bay Aquarium. Lets draw one now.
  • Write a big O.
  • At the right side of O write a U. Then write another U starting from the middle of the first U and then touching O. They are the fins.

  • Oops!! I missed drawing the eyes in my third step. They are two os with a dot in them.
  • Now the nose and the smile.Write two small u equal spaced from the edges of the big O. Join the middle of both these u with another very flat u. 
  • Write an I for the nose. Write 111 inside each fin.
  • Write two small m near the eyes for the side fins, Cover the blowfish with prickles by writing a lot of small vs.
 The Blowfish is ready!!

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