Friday, March 4, 2011


Why did the bat go to late night movie?
Because it had slept all morning. :-)

Bats like owl sleep during the day and feed at night. Bats emit ultrasonic sounds to communicate with each other. The flying fox is a bat with a wing span over five feet.Smallest bat is found in Thailand and weighs less than a penny. Wake up now, lets draw our bats!!

  • Start with a big O for the face. Try to make it flat. Just like an oval.
  • Write two small O inside the face , then write smaller O inside this O and put a dot in each. Eyes are ready.
  • Write a big U for body, a flat U for mouth and upside down U for feet.
  • Put two dots for the eyes and one for belly button.
  • Write two upside down Vs for ears.
  • Write C on each side of  body to make the wing. As you see this C is a turned around C.
  • Start to make the other end of wing with number 3 .
  • Finish wings with another upside down U. Finish feet by writing slanted I on each side.
We saw them at Oakland Zoo recently. They were all sleeping, upside down. No doubt they miss all the morning shows :-).

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