Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pumpkins on bale of hay

Thanksgiving pumpkins on the hay!
Round and chubby there they lay!
Tasty and yummy with orange skin!
I wonder whether my pumpkin pie will be in.

I just made up these lines :-). Don't know if you will like it. But the drawing of pumpkins on hay is pretty easy and you can make this cute Thanksgiving card within four minutes.
Lets start.
  • Start by writing a lot of W on two sides.
  • Write another set of sleeping Is in the center.

  • Write two more set of Is on each side and our bale of hay is ready.
  • To draw pumpkins we write a long O and Cs on one side and turned around Cs on the other side,
  • We write 11 to make the stem.
  • Write series of lower case "e" to make tendrils.
Our next thanks giving card is ready.
I have not colored it again. Will post the colored picture soon.

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