Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas Cards

I am posting some very easy to make Christmas Cards that kids of all ages 1 and up can make(parent help always appreciated and mostly needed here). They incorporate the scribbles of my just turned three year old and some shredded papers that she tore of course. I just had to be creative to use them the right way.
I hope you can make some cute Christmas cards too using your toddlers scribbles!
Lets start with my last super easy Christmas card for now. Hopefully I will get time to make some more.

We start with a big circle cut out of construction paper, a marker, glitter and glue. I also have a cherry that fell loose from Christmas tree decoration.
Fold the circle into semicircle and then fold it twice to make it shape of Christmas tree. You can staple the top of tree. Make stem by writing a thick I.
Decorate with glitters ad other decorations you may have.
Our cute , super duper easy card is ready in minutes!

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