Friday, September 28, 2012

Halloween Candy Baby

Baby dressed in a Halloween Candy.
It is as easy, but first we need to follow the instructions to make the basic baby figure which are in Halloween Baby .
Lets draw now.

  • After we have drawn the basic baby we write upside down V for hat and make this baby's dress by writing sharp ended U instead of curved U,
  • We make arms by writing L on each side. We divide the dress into three sections by writing two sleeping I. Do the same thing with cap.
  • We write W for hair and then another U to finish making hair.

  •  Now make fingers by writing 3 on right and turned around 3 on other side.
  • Put two dots for eyes, C for nose and U for smile.
  • I made a pumpkin for my baby. You can give him a candy too.

Our cute Halloween Card will be ready.

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