Friday, June 15, 2012


Why did every one envy Earth in the Space Party?
because it was full of LIFE. :-)

We live in planet Earth, the third planet from sun and the only planet in the solar system that is know to have life. It looks like a blue and green ball from space.

Lets draw our planet Earth.

  • Start by writing O and then write another small O on one side of the planet.
  • Start making land. Write 3 on left side of earth and w on the top side of O.
  • Lets make the continent now. Start by writing M and L as in the picture.

  • Now write 3 starting at the free end of 3 and then write a bent V. Our North America and Canada are almost done. We draw panama canal by writing 11.
  • We then write 3 to make one side of South American Continent. We write turned around 7. Our South American Continent is now done.
  • Color !

Our pretty planet is all done.

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