Thursday, March 1, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Card Idea- Lucky Snail

Lets start with a snail joke.
A sloth is out for a walk when he's mugged by four snails. After recovering his wits, he goes to make a police report. "Can you describe the snails?" asks the officer. "Not well, it all happened so fast," replies the sloth.

I hope you liked it. Now lets draw our lucky snail for St. Patrick's day!!

  • Start by writing X. Write a slanted I.
  • Now we join the tips of I with 3. You can make a lucky clover by making four hearts.

  • Start making the face with C.
  • Now we write L for body. Join top end of C with slanted I.
  • Write sleeping V for tail.
  • Write 11 for antenna. We make lucky clovers on top of the antennae.
  • Put two dots for eyes, and a flat U for smile.

Color and enjoy !!

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