Friday, March 30, 2012

Floppy Easter Bunny

What do you call Easter when you are hopping around?
 Hoppy Easter!

Lets draw a hoppy Easter Bunny !!

  • Start by writing C and then another C facing first one. Join upper tips of C with upside down U.
  • Join the lower tips of both C with slightly bent I.
  • Now write a small sleeping I as in next figure and then write a small V in the middle for nose.

  • Put two dots for eyes and W for nose.
  • Now write two long upside down Us for ears.

  • We now write two U for arms and two Os for feet.
  • To make body we join arms and legs with I.

Color and Enjoy !!
Hoppy Easter everyone!!

I have written Some bunny wishes you a Happy Easter. You can write any other cute saying or an Easter joke in it.
To end another Easter joke.
What do you get when you find a bunny with no hair?
A hairless hare! :-)

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