Friday, March 30, 2012

Chick with flowers

Why did chick cross the road?
Because it wanted to go on the other side. :-)

However our this Easter chick is carrying a bouquet of flowers for you. Lets start to draw it.
  • Start by writing upside down U .
  • Write another U as shown in the figure.
  • Now join end of V with the center of second U with another big U.
  •  Join tips of second U with series of V
  • Write two U to start making lets
  • Make feet ob writing upside down Y and I.
  • Make side wing by witing turned around U with its edges joined with series of V.
  • Make beak by writing M.
  • Draw flowers. Color and enjoy!!
Time to end with a funny Easter Chick Joke.
Why are chicks always tired in April?
Because they just finished a March :-)

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