Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine ideas : How to draw valentine teddy bear

What did the boy bear say to the girl bear on Valentine's Day?
I love you beary much!
Let us make a valentine teddy bear. It is one of the most popular valentine day gifts after chocolates and flowers especially roses.
I hope you have learned to make a heart by now. It is turned around lower case w joined with V.
Time to start making this cute valentine card. It is very simple and just a few writings of  alphabets  :-).
  • Start by drawing a heart.
  • Write an upside down U in between and on the upper side of heart.
  • Write another upside down U for face. Make ears by writing C.

  • Write another set of C inside big C to finish ears.
  • Write a small I joining the two bumps of heart for the mouth.
  • Draw a small heart for nose. Put two dots for eyes. Write lower case w for nose.
  • Make hands by writing a series of three lower case U on either side as in the picture.
  • Write two big O and another set of small O inside big ones for the legs.

  • Finish body by joining Os of leg with I.
  • If you want to make heart balloons draw two hearts and strings attached to them.
Color and enjoy!!
Your card is all done.
What did the girl bear say to the boy bear on Valentine's Day?
I love you, Honey!


  1. Oh, What a way with fun to learn & draw.....Thanks
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