Friday, January 27, 2012

Valentine Buzz

What did the boy bee say to the girl bee?
You are BEEautiful! :-)

Do you know how bees talk?
When bees touch each other's antennae,they are communicating information. They also are known to have special dances on the honey comb called "waggle dances" where one bee will tell the others where the flowers are that have nectar and pollen.
Where can you see bees in action here- San Francisco Science Museum and Happy Hollow Park in SanJose !!

Lets draw the valentine buzz!!

  •  Start by writing O and a turned around 3.
  • Make eyes by putting two dots and a big smile by writing U.
  • Write V touching the ends of 3 to make heart.
  • Lets make the body now . Write a turned around C. You can also think of it as sleeping U.
  • Write I connecting the face of bee with heart.
  •  Make hands by writing C , one of them should be turned around . Make dots at end of each C.
  • Make legs by writing lying down Ls, put a dot at each end to finish making legs.
  • Make stripes with bend Is.
  • Write upside down U to make first wing and then an upside down J ( think of it as candy cane) to make the second one.
  • If you want a bow for your bee. Write a small O and lower case W on each side.
  • Make antennae by writing two upside down J at top of head and a small hear at each free end .
  • Color and enjoy!!
Make this one for your valentine card. I am sure everyone will like it.

What should we write inside this valentine card?
Valentine- BEE Mine!! :-)

I hope you liked it. Your comments will be very much appreciated as that is what keeps me going. Please join us at Martin Luther King Library in San Jose for a live session!!

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  1. This is really cute. And just as easy. I love it! :)

  2. Thanks Sanghmitra! I will keep adding new ones each season :-).



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