Sunday, October 9, 2011


What did the pumpkin need for its boo boo?
A pumpkin patch. :-)
The largest fruits are giant pumpkins, specially grown and bred for their size. The largest ones can weigh over 1,000 pounds! Growing giant pumpkins is a fine art, and there are many different ideas about how to do it best. 
Are you going to go to pumpkin patch this year??? They sure are lots of fun!!

Lets draw a pumpkin now.
First we will draw a regular pumpkin and then we will draw some spooky ones for carving!!

Lets start.

  •  Start by writing O.
  • Write C on either side as shown in the next picture.

  • Make stems of pumpkin by writing 11 and joining their tops with flat I.
  • Give a dimension to your pumpkin by writing lots of bend I inside O and C.
  • Color and smile. The pumpkins are ready.
Now lets carve our pumpkins.
To carve them we do not write and I inside.

  • Write two upside down V inside the pumpkin.
  • Join edges of V with I.
  • Write a flat I for mouth and a U joining this flat I.
  • To make a vampire pumpkin we write two V just touching flat I. This is the simplest spooky ,scary pumpkin you can draw for your Halloween card!!

How about drawing some more spooky pumpkins of different type!! Here are some ideas.

  • Write two C for eyes and join the ends of those C with another set of C. Instead of vampire teeth we can write two set of 11 and join the bottom ends as in the first spooky pumpkin.
  • In the second pumpkin we write a set of W and another set of W joining the first set.
  • In the third one we write W and join the top ends of W with flat Us.
  • Draw some bats around these pumpkins for really easy Halloween cards!!

Here is a revision lesson. I hope you can impress your teacher and your friends with your cool card made using these pictures.

Now  time for another pumpkin joke.
What do you call an overweight pumpkin?
A plumpkin! :-)

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