Friday, September 30, 2011


What did pomegranate give his girlfriend?
A string of his red pearls :-).

The potent anti-oxidant in pomegranate juice is beneficial in preventing
the hardening of arteries.
In addition to having some fiber, pomegranates are a good source of Vitamin C and potassium. However, most of the calories, about 105 calories for a medium pomegranate, come from sugar.

Lets draw one now.

  • Start by writing 11.
  • Write C on one end of 1 and a mirror image (turned around C) at the end of second 1.
  • Fill the gap between the free ends of C by writing two W.

  • Lets now make the upper part of this fruit. Start by writing slant I at both end of both 1. Write M in the middle.
  • Join free end of M and I with bent I. Color !! Does it not look delicious.
  • To make a half open pomegranate we write a big D on one side and fill it with small Os. Color as shown.
I can not let go without drawing a branch of this tree. It is so beautiful. Let make a branch now that is loaded with fruits.

  • Start by writing two lying down Ys. Double the Ys to make it thicker. Make the fruits now. Now we make leaves by writing lot of big I as shown in the figure. Make as many leaves as you want.
  • Color and enjoy you fruit branch.

Time to end with another pomegranate joke.
Why is pomegranate an expensive fruit?
Because it is full of red pearls.

Now time for another tongue twister.
Pink Pepper Pickle Pomegranate.

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