Saturday, September 10, 2011


First a cherry joke.
What did the cherry tree say to the farmer?
Quit picking on me !! :-)

Cherries are very versatile fruits and can be a part of any meal or dessert. 
From breakfast to soups and salads. They grow in trees that are massed with beautiful white and pink blossoms, which form in clusters consisting of several flowers in spring time. These turn into bunches of one to three fruits, which are harvested when ripe.

Cherry is the simplest of all fruits to draw!!
  • Write two O together.
  • Join their tops with upside down V. Write I at the pointed tip of V.
  • Color and enjoy your cherries !!
Why did George Washington chop down the cherry tree?
I'm stumped! :-)

How about a cherry tongue twister
Sour cherry seed; are you a seed of a wild sour cherry or a seed of a tame sour cherry.

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