Friday, August 19, 2011


 How can you tell there's a Stegosaurus in your refrigerator?
 The door won't close! :-)

Do you know how scientists measure smartness. They do it by measure smartness by figuring out how big an animal compared to its body. This is called "encephalization quotient." 
 According to this the Dumbest Dinosaur was stegosaurus! It had a brain as big as a walnut in a body weighing nearly two tons! "Dumb" isn't a nice word, even if it is a dinosaur fact. Let's just call Stegosaurus "less smart than a Troodon" the smartest dinosaur. Scientists think Troodon was only about as smart as a modern possum.!

  • Start by writing C.
  • Write U on both tips of C. The upper U should be turned upside down.
  • Write tilted I at the free end of upper U and a J(facing backwards) starting at middle of bottom U.

  • Wrtite two C as shown in next figure.
  • Start making legs by wrting V for the front leg and L for the second leg.

  • Now join the free tip of the first C and V with another L to finish making first leg.
  • Write I starting at free end of second leg to finish making second leg.
  • Write a flat upside down U for back and a curved I between the legs.
  • Make tail by writing a long V at free end of U of back joining the other end to the hind leg.

  • Write half V(just the tops, do not join)  on back of stegosaurus.

  • Join the tips of half V with upside down V. First set of scales is ready.
  • Writeupside down Vs on tail to make spikes. Write another set of Vs between first scales to make a second set.
  • Write small O for eye. Put a dot inside it.
  • Write C for mouth.
  • Color and enjoy your stegosaurus.

What family does Stegosaurus belong to?
 I don't know. I don't think any family in our neighborhood owns one!

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