Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Which fruit do apes like the most?
Ape-ricots !! :-)

Did you know fresh apricot is very nutritious and virtually fat-free. The tiny fruit, classified along with plums, and grown in typical continental climates characterized by cold winders, is an ideal fruit that gels well both in snacks and in desserts.

Lets draw an apricot now.

  • Start by writing C.
  • Join the free edges of C by writing another C turned around. Write another small turned around C right at the center of this fruit.
  • Write 11 for stem and join tips with I.
  • Join edges of small C at the center with tilted I.
  • Write V on each side to start making leaves.
  • Join tips of V with U and write I in middle to finish making leaves.
  • Color!!! Yummy apricot is ready!!
Now its time for an apricot joke.

What do apes call biscotti?
Apericotti !! :-D

An apricot tongue twister
At Amanda's all afternoon apes ate apples and aged apricots.

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