Saturday, June 4, 2011


Why did the Nanosaurus cross the road?
 Because chickens hadn't evolved yet!  :-)

Dinosaur eggs are many shapes and sizes. Some are up to 16" long or more. But bigger eggs didn't always mean bigger dinosaurs. Some very large dinosaurs had small eggs. The first dinosaur egg fossils were found in France in 1869. Many dinosaur eggs found still have their original shells.

Lets draw another dinosaur- it is a nanosaur.

  • Lets make face first by writing C.
  • At free ends of C write two small Us.
  • Write slanted 11 now. First one of 11 at free end of upper U and second 1 of 11 at center of lower U.

  • Write two C, one each for front and hind leg.
  • Write L at lower end of C.

  • Write I to join free end of L. Two legs are now done.
  • Join front and hind leg by writing a very flat U, more like bent I. Write similar I at free end of 1 we wrote for neck.

  • Make tail by writing a big V.
  • Make eye by writing O and putting a dot inside it.
  • Write I for mouth. Our nanosaurus is ready !!!
 What’s the best way to talk to a Nanosaurus?
 Long distance! :-)

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