Saturday, January 22, 2011


Why did the sparrow go to the library?
It was looking for bookworms!

Sparrows are small, chubby brown-grey birds with short tails and short & blunt yet powerful beaks. They mainly eat seeds but can also eat insects. Song Sparrow is the most common and widespread sparrow native to North America. Although Song Sparrows learn their music from other song sparrows, each bird creates its own variation.
No two human finger prints are same similarly no two sparrows sing the same tune!

  • We are drawing four sparrows together. So we write four Os, more like ovals.

  • Now to make the face we write upside down Us on each O. To make tail we write two Is together, closer towards body and a little spaced out at the end.

    • Make eyes by putting a dot on each. Join edges of I with a horizontal I to finish making tail. Write two Cs inside each O of body as shown to make end wings.
    • Write V to make beaks.

      • Instead of Vs , you can also write M for beak.
      • Write 11 for feet.
      • Draw branch with a crooked I.
      Twitter!! Twitter!!
      What's got eight legs and can fly long distances?
      Fou sparrows! :-)

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