Saturday, January 22, 2011


What's a babys favourite snake?
A rattle snake!

Snakes are cold-blooded reptiles. They are dependent on the heat from their surroundings and the sun to control the temperature of their body. This is the reason most snake species are found in the humid and warm climates of tropical regions.
Did you know snakes use their forked tongue to smell. Another interesting fact about snakes is that they need to shed their skin regularly while they grow. This process is known as molting.
Lets draw one of this SSSS..Snake.

  • Start by writing S.
  • Write 3 for the mouth.

  • Write C,or upside down U as shown in the above figure.
  • Join the edge of U and the tip od S with another S.
  •  Write another S for fang. 
We are done now .
What is snake's favourite subject?
Another one, Why was the snake so good at math?
He was an Adder!

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