Saturday, January 1, 2011


 What is small, cuddly and bright purple ?
A Koala holding its breath :-).

A koala has two thumbs on its hands, and the ridged skin on the bottom of its feet gives it traction for climbing trees.
Koalas have almost become extinct; but due to conservation efforts, koalas are making a comeback.
Lets draw another kind of Koala here.
  • Start by writing two number 3s.
  • Write U to join edge of 3 to make face.
  • Write small Os in each to make eye.

  • Write number 6 for each, just do not join the O of six.
  • Write tilted I for tree branch.
  • Write two sets of number 11 for both mummy and baby koala.
  • Write O for mouth.
Color and we are done!!

What do you call a Koala Bear with no ears ?
A Koala B :-)

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