Saturday, March 12, 2011


What two keys can't open any doors?
A Donkey, and a Monkey :-).

The donkey can be accurately described as a shorter and furrier version of the horse. The overall build is actually more similar to a zebra, with the broad back and generally stocky appearance.
Regardless of the conception that most people have about donkeys being stupid, they are actually keen thinkers and problem solvers. Because donkeys are from a terrain that makes galloping a tiresome and largely useless skill, donkeys are more likely to concoct a plan to escape danger rather than run away from it.

  • Start by writing U.
  • Cover this with I(mine is a little bent), and write two Os for nose.
  • Make eyes by writing two O and put a dot inside each.

  • Top eyes with an upside down U. Join the eyes with mouth with  an I on each side.
  • Now write three U, two for ears on each side and one for the stray hair.
  • Join U of ear with upside down V.

  • Write I and half of T to start body.
  • Write I for tail.
  • Write an upside down U between the body to make legs.
  • Make third leg with 11,join this with I and to make fourth leg write L.
  • Top tip of tail with O.

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