Sunday, July 8, 2012

Simple Dog

What do you call a sick dog?
A germy Shepherd.

Did you know Chocolate is poisonous to dogs. It will make you pet sick.
Do not feed chocolate to your dog, but you can certainly color the dog your chocolate. In fact the name of our neighbor's dog is Chocolate.

  • Write two Os. A small one inside the big one.
  • Write two Us for ears
  • Join this U with face with 11.
  • Put two dots for eyes.
  • Write I for mouth.

  • Write a big U for body.
  • Finish body with L.

  • Finish this simple dog by writing four I  for legs.
  • Write J for tail.
 We are done now!!

What is a dog's favorite pizza?
Pupperoni :-).

1 comment:

  1. greetings, i am a shoemaker creating shoemaking kits for children's shoes. i have been trying to find a good name for this product and have been working with the word "simple" because the kits are simple and the shoes are simple and my blog is I came up with the word "simplifido" and searched google images for a simple dog face. I came upon yours and it is so perfect!
    i am wondering if there could be a way that i could use your dogface for my logo, with a note on my hang tag stating where i got the logo and your blog address, so customers and their children could learn your drawing techniques as an additional benefit! In face, I'm sure drawings made using your techniques would look great embroidered on the front of the shoes. thank you for considering my request, best wishes, sharon



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